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Town of Payson

Project Details: 140 kW solar PV total with three separate systems

SunRenu Solar commissioned the Town of Payson PV project with APS in January 2014. The entire project consists of three separate PV systems interconnected at three sites/meters including the Town Hall, Police Department, and the Fire Station. Aggregate, the systems are 140.16kW and will offset an average of 65% of the total energy consumption for the town for three utility meters.

The installation method at the Town Hall and Police Station consists of "Steel Solar Shade Structures" in the central parking area's at Town Hall with modules mounted in a "Saw Tooth" design. The Steel portion of the project was fabricated, and installed by Skyline Steel under the direction of SunRenu Solar. The Fire Station was a direct roof mounted racking method, with steel racking, and modules spanning the roof structures trusse system. The project also included two main "SES" Electrical (Service Entrance System) change outs, 579 Lightway Solar, Poly Crystalline modules, and the PV system will produce more then 222,000 kWh's annually.

The financing portion of this transaction was provided "Turn-Key" to the Town through RE3 Capital and is structured with a 20 year SSA "Solar Service Agreement" in which the Town will buy only the electricity produced from all three PV systems for the length of the term. The electricity produced by the systems is less then what the Town currently pays for electricity and is scheduled at a fixed rate per kWh for the length of the term which is great value considering that the SSA was provided to the Town with no up front costs. The Town also will have no operating expenses associated with the project and SunRenu Solar will Monitor, Operate, and Maintain the system throughout the 20 year window.

Oasis in the City

Project Details: 16,000 gallon solar thermal hot water system
SunRenu Solar installed 36, 3' by 8' solar thermal collectors to provide hot water to the Oasis in the City apartment complex. This system is expected to offset 70% of the facilities water heating costs. Oasis in the City is a scenic apartment community in north Phoenix.

Venture Out at Mesa

Project Details: 315kW solar PV system mounted all on canopies
SunRenu Solar installed 1308 Lightway 240 watt modules on the campus of Venture Out. The system is expected to offset 100% of the load from the Recreation Center, Administration Building, and West Pool Building. These solar panels have a 10 foot clear height and provide much needed shade for residents on site. Tilted at 10 degrees facing south, southwest, and southeast to accommodate the parking lot. This solar energy system was installed for Venture Out at Mesa, an active adult resort in Mesa, AZ.

Boys & Girls Club of Metro Phoenix - Sands Facility

Project Details: 141kW solar PV system; solar parking structures, solar super structure, and roof mounted
SunRenu Solar installed and commissioned a 602 Canadian Solar 235 watt modules project on the roof and ground of a Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix. The system is generating 80% of facility needs and is exceeding production expectations. These solar panels have a minimum 10 foot clear height for the parking structures, and the super structure is minimum of 25' high; all at a 10 degree angle facing due south. This solar energy system was installed and financed for as part of a portfolio of facilities.

Zona Verde Apartments (near U of A)

Project Details: 48 collector solar hot water system with a 3,450 gallon solar storage capacity
This project was a featured commercial solar thermal project in Arizona. The apartment property provides all domestic hot water with a master boiler. SunRenu designed and installed this solar system to offset 67% of domestic hot water expenses. This project also included a replacement boiler as an upgrade to the property. To find out more click here:

Boys & Girls Club of Metro Phoenix - Stewart Facility

Project Details: 85.5kW solar PV system roof and ground mounted
SunRenu Solar installed 364 Canadian Solar 235 watt modules on the Stewart Facility of the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Phoenix. For more information click here:

Bethany Biltmore Apartments - Phoenix, AZ

Project Details: 25kW solar PV system roof and 16 collector solar hot water system
SunRenu Solar installed 112 Canadian Solar 235 watt modules on the Bethany Biltmore Apartments in Phoenix, AZ. This is one of the few dual technology solar integration's in Arizona. Both solar systems offset the majority of common area electric and gas expenses for the apartment facility. It also creates tremendous long term value for resale. For more information click here:

EcoTech Wall Mounted Solar System

Project Details: Unistrut Racking System
SunRenu Solar installed 12 Sharp 240 watt modules (NU 240 F1) to the wall using Unistrut racking system and solar clips. These solar panels are 24 feet off the ground and tilted at 70 degrees off the wall to catch the peak afternoon sun. This solar energy system was installed for EcoTech Institute, a renewable energy school that is open to enrollment 4th quarter 2010. The 2.82kW system is mounted directly to the brick exterior of the project and the Unistrut rails acts as conduit for the wiring. The clean energy produced from this system is fed into a Fronius IG Plus 3.0 (3kW) inverter. This renewable energy system is also Grid-tied. The small solar system is very aesthetically pleasing facing the highly traveled road. This solar system was one of three segments of BIPV (building integrated photovoltaic) that was installed by SunRenu Solar in EcoTech's flagship location.

EcoTech Solar Entrance Canopy

Project Details: Solar System Entrance Canopy
SunRenu Solar and SunRenu Solar Contractors designed and installed this bifacial entrance canopy totalling 8.58kW. Using Sanyo HIP 195 doubles, the sunlight can pass through the transparency of the solar panels and reflect off of the aluminum and steel beams to add up to 30% more production from the underside of the solar module. Each module is wired through aluminum extrusions hiding wiring for a clean, and aesthetically pleasing look. 44 modules were installed along with 28 framed clear glass panels to complete the BIPV entrance canopy. With a final sealant placed on the canopy, this solar electric system is a certified as a roof, and free of leakage. All clean energy produced is wired to two combiner boxes and then fed to two inverters; one SMA Sunnyboy 5000 and one SMA Sunnyboy 6000. The solar energy system is Grid-ties through Xcel Energy Utility Company. All rebates realized by the owner including up front incentives and REC (renewable energy credits) payments assisted by SunRenu Solar. Additional consulting was provided for engineering and Federal Treasury Grant. Total install time was two weeks and warrantied for 5 years parts and labor, along with module and equipment performance warranties up to 25 years.

EcoTech Solar Trees

Project Details: Solar Tree Systems
SunRenu Solar and SunRenu Solar Contractors teamed up with Envision Solar to erect two Solar Tree shade structures at the EcoTech Institute in Aurora, CO. These massive galvanized steel structures were bolted to anchor bolts in the concrete caissan (footing) that dives 20 feet down and into bedrock. There are 55 Sharp 240 modules (NU 240 F1) per Tree, totaling 110 modules and 26,400 watts. These solar generating structures are pitched 15 degrees facing south. All wiring is directed through the post and underground through conduit approximately 350 feet to the inverters. With oversized conductors, the voltage drop is less than 1% from panel to inverter. Two Fronius IG Plus 12.0 inverters were used, one for each tree. This solar electric system is Grid-tied and will also double as a solar electric car charging station. This system will produce approximately 37,000 kWh's per year and offset 849 tons of carbon emmissions over its useful life. The high-tech look of these Solar Tree's fit the cutting edge appeal of the renewable energy school. Installation time was 4 weeks. Contact us for references or a quote.

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