Solar Hot Water System

How Solar Hot Water Systems Work

Solar water heater systems are designed to operate automatically, gathering the sun’s energy when available. When solar energy is unavailable, the solar water heater system turns itself off and the hot water is stored in your water tank until it is needed.
  1. Solar collector panels—typically flat plate glazed collectors or evacuated tube—are designed specifically for solar thermal heating and can reach temperatures of 120-150 degrees with flat plate glazed and up to 200 degrees for evacuated tube.
  2. When solar energy is available, collector panels heat water pumped through the solar loop.
  3. A heat exchanger transfers heat from the solar loop to water in your storage tank where it is available for all household needs. Water in the two loops never mixes.
  4. When not in operation, the water in the solar collectors drains back into the wall-mounted drainback tank to prevent water from freezing inside the solar water heater collector panels.
  5. Drains back into the wall-mounted drainback tank to prevent water from freezing inside the solar collectors.

Solar Hot Water Product Options

  1. A single-tank configuration is standard for installations with an electric water heater. However, a dual-tank configuration, which includes a dedicated solar hot water tank, is an option and may be desirable for large families or homes where additional hot water capacity is desired.
  2. A dual-tank configuration* is required for installations with a gas water heater. One of the tanks is used to hold just the water heated by the solar collectors.

*Depending on your needs and the selected configuration, installation by SunRenu Solar may be as quick as a half day. Read "Solar water heater pays off in Arizona" on


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