SunRenu Solar is always looking to work with qualified tax equity investors. Most solar projects today are reliant on the large 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). With a small pool of individuals and businesses that can take advantage of this incentive, SunRenu is looking to place solar projects into the hands of investors that receive up to 20+% IRR's.
How SunRenu utilizes these tax equity investors is through a few business structures that can include Sale-Leasebacks, Partnership Flips, and Inverted Flip Structures. These are legal ways to put investors and developers together to monetize the ITC and accelerated depreciation incentives. Though these are complicated structures, SunRenu has standardized them to accommodate the needs of today's sophisticated investors. Please contact SunRenu if you are looking for an investment to lower your taxable passive income and take advantage of bonus depreciation. SunRenu has a consistent project flow that requires this type of financing to help lower expenses for the host customer, as well as deliver consistent returns for the investor.
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