Combined Heat & Power

Combined Heat & Power

Combined heat and power(CHP), or co-generation is now recognized by the DOE (Department of Energy) as a renewable energy product. CHP systems use a heat engine/motor or "power station" to simultaneously generate electricity and useful heat that both can be harnessed and distributed to provide electricity to a facility while simultaneously pre-heating water to offset boiler usage or chiller plants. CHP systems use natural gas as the low cost, clean fuel source, that drives the engine and are significantly more efficient than traditional power plant's or boiler systems.

CHP is a proven solution for meeting growing energy demand efficiently, cleanly, and economically. With the appropriate design methodology that considers the full combined offsets of two typically high cost facility demands such as, electrical load and the heating/cooling of the building, CHP is a clean energy solution that makes financial sense with increased energy efficiency and reduced emissions.

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