Solar Electric & PV

Solar Electric & PV

SunRenu Solar has more than 50 years of combined experience designing and installing solar PV systems. Our team has seen and installed it all, from grid tie systems, commercial, residential, on grid/off grid hybrid systems, off grid with battery backup, and focusing on the mid market commercial solar projects. Solar PV has been the backbone of our Company since inception and continues to grow with SunRenu.

SunRenu Solar recently acquired a high voltage A-17 license which allows us to install 1000 volt solar PV systems among other electrical work including transmission line and substation electrical. We are organized, value oriented, and cost competitive. If you are a financing company, Developer, or solar sales team, we have programs that can allow you to feel comfortable that your solar project will get designed and installed correctly as well as on time and on budget.

Electric ROC Licenses:
274121 - K-11 Electrical
292446 - A-17 High Voltage Electrical

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