Why Solar?

The advantages of renewable energy

Solar is an environmentally and socially responsible choice. The elimination of greenhouse gas emissions, reduction in volatile organic compounds (VOC) and Nitric Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx) emissions released from the burning of natural gas, improve air quality without impacts to your lifestyle.   The limited effect on the environment and delicate surroundings offers a reduced carbon footprint and low emission making your energy dependency safer for the planet and future generations.
The supplemental electricity supplied from solar energy effectively transposes electricity back to the transmission grid meeting all of the peak electricity demands year-round. To make it simple, you can use the Utility grid as a big battery through “net metering”.   Net metering allows a credit for every kWh produced even if it is not consumed right away. It is held on the grid until your demand consumes it back.
The scale and generating capacity of a solar system are completely dependent on the need for power. The scalability and versatility of solar technologies are applicable in nearly any environment for any residential home or commercial building.
Solar power production facilities may be installed nearly anywhere in any climate to produce renewable energy for residential and commercial building owners. From roof mounted locations to awnings. Every solar installation can be unique to the location and to the customer.   SunRenu Solar energy systems have been applied in many different applications including solar awnings, solar canopy systems, solar shade structures, solar producing carports, wall mounted solar arrays, among dozens of roof mounted techniques.
Grow incentive programs sponsored by the government have paved the way for the development of solar and other renewable energy sources across the globe.   In the U.S. financial institutions, businesses, and private investors have developed structured low interest rate financing programs and solar leasing options to make solar power attainable for every household and business in the world. Government solar incentives and rebates give a competitive edge to the solar installation industry by allowing solar installations to be financially attractive.   These incentives may not be available forever, so contact us for a complete breakdown of incentives available for your home or commercial property.
The utility rebates and tax incentives have stabilized while costs for solar products have continued to drop. With the price point of solar products and technologies continuing to drop, making way for true industry competition, solar products are new delivering state of the art technology and better efficiency at a lower price point.   Creating residential and commercial solar projects with utility rebates now offers a quicker return on investment in a 3 to 7 year time span. Utility rebates are changing constantly, so let SunRenu provide you with a free, no obligation proposal to see if going solar is right for you.

Long-term Emission-free Regenerative Energy Solutions

The vision to see the future of energy generation is here today. Most of the world's current energy generation is derived from highly toxic, volatile non-renewable fuels which are not environmentally friendly and face a variety of conditional challenges. Facing the challenges of traditional sources of energy, government, business and consumer demand has increased paving the way for the introduction of clean, renewable energy sources and technologies for power generation.

Predictable Long-term Energy and Cost Savings

Solar panel installation is one of the best capital improvements that can be done on any building to produce low-cost renewable electricity and hot water. Whether a private home upgrade or multi-unit commercial building installation, solar projects return the investment in several ways. From receiving a monthly check from the utility company to lowering the total cost of operations, the benefits of solar can be claimed over the entire life span of the system and begin from the day the system installation is completed.

Protection Against Utility Rate Increases

Through SunRenu Solar’s Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) and commercial and residential solar leasing program options, customers are provided a roadmap for predictable long-term energy cost and rates of return without upfront cost, large debt or complex maintenance contracts. The balance of attaining long-term savings on utility expenses, initial costs and return of investment is clear. Solar is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution available on the market today.

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