Economics of Solar and Renewable Energy

  • Renewable energy solutions deliver little or no cost up front
  • Financially attractive PPA and lease rates
  • Worry-free maintenance included
  • Net metering availability and other utility-sponsored programs so you will never be without power
  • Savings day 1 for an infinite IRR

Lets Take A Closer Look


A closer look at the Engert solar installation:

Most residential solar installations are mounted at an appropriate tilt facing due south. If your roof does not face that way, don’t worry, the angle will only slightly hinder the production output.

SunRenu Solar has completed solar installations on roofs with composite shingle, concrete tile (flat and S), flat roofs, shake, clay tile, foam, I-beam truss, built up roofs, and many more.

Typical solar system sizes range from 4-10kW on residential solar applications. It will depend on the energy (kWh) consumption of the household and what percentage to offset.


A closer look at EcoTech commercial solar installation:

Commercial solar systems come in a variety of applications. With commercial solar, you will see more creative installation methods including Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV). This incorporates the solar PV into the design of the building.

The EcoTech Institue added solar trees with car charging stations, wall mounted PV, and a BIPV transparent awning over the entrance walkway. With a total of 38kW at this project, they have incorporated the most technologically advanced products with high tech designs. This building is LEED certified.


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