Solar Benefits

Why Go Solar Now?

Utility Rebates

Now is the time to go solar for your home or business. We now sit in the perfect storm for green energy products. The utility rebates and tax incentives have stabilized while costs for solar products have come down while the technology has become more efficient. Going solar is now a 3 to 7 year investment and your start saving money as soon as the system of choice is installed.

Maximum Efficiency + Maximum Savings + Maximum Value = Cost Savings and Long Term Sustainability and Growth

Solar is the best capital improvement or home upgrade there is because it pays you back in a multitude of ways including the equivalent of a check cut back to you every month with the kilowatt hour production or Therm reduction of the systems we offer for the next 20 to 25 years guaranteed. A new parking lot for your office complex or a deck on home will not do this.

Energy Independence

You also create equity by going solar in a real estate market that is tough to do accomplish this. Every dollar saved on your expenses in your commercial or residential property creates $20 in equity in the biggest investment of your life. The cost of energy will only continue to rise to the tune of 7% to 7.5% annually on average. Why not start to create some energy independence for your home or business now?

The Benefits of Solar Power and Renewable Energy

The traditional methods of electricity production, collection and operation have become extremely expensive, a challenge to maintain operationally and detrimental to the health of the environment.

It is time to make a significant change and a valuable difference.

More Benefits of Solar Power
  • Social Benefits
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Renewable Energy Source
  • Durability and Long Lasting
  • Financially Sound Investment
  • Low Maintenance
  • Same power and same lifestyle as on-grid power

Highest standards of performance and quality

The highest standard in design, installation and operation on residential and commercial solar power projects is our goal

Our expertise in consulting, installation and, design and consulting provides a trusted advantage in discovering the best solar solutions for our customers. Our wide range of high-quality products and professional services delivers tailored solar power solutions to each of our residential and commercial customers. We are not limited with one brand or manufacturer, SunRenu Solar provides the most ideal solution for your needs and goals. Our team of experts can select the right product for your project. Guaranteed.

Our unwavering commitment is clear. Create value, trust and opportunity for our customers, partners and employees through our dedication to clean renewable energy. We combine corporate success, social responsibility and environmental commitment in every project, product and professional service we offer.


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