Solar Market

In the U.S., the renewable energy movement has been jumpstarted by an outpouring of growing market demands for affordable regenerative renewable energy. The market has grown exponentially over the past three years.

California solar is leading the country in photovoltaic installations for the past three years. New Jersey, Arizona, and Colorado have also experienced explosive growth.

Now with thousands of solar equipment manufacturers, there is a huge market for the solar industry. Solar energy systems have never been more popular in the US than they are today. With the residential solar leasing and the incentives available for both residential and commercial solar energy systems, the market will continue to grow.

As we all have experienced, Utility rates are on the rise with no end in sight. The increase in energy costs from traditional dirty fossil fuels will help emphasize and assist the solar industry throughout the next decade. Technology is also constantly evolving and equipment is getting more efficient as time goes on.

With the drop in equipment prices and the drop in incentives across the US, we should see a steady growth pattern and widening of the solar market. Solar is not just for environmentally conscious people, it now makes economic sense in addition to the environmental benefits.


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